News: Landlordís dilemma highlights problem with new EPC targets

Tue, 29 Jun 21

A landlord has been ordered by his local council to remove energy efficient triple glazed windows installed at a cost of some £10,000.

The councilís action has even made the BBC News which reports that Mike West replaced single-glazed sliding sash windows with UPVC triple-glazed ones while renovating his Victorian house in Southsea, Portsmouth.

Now, West fears he will be unable to rent out his property due to its EPC rating falling from C to potentially Band E if single-glazed windows are restored.

The government has said it wants private rental homes to be a minimum Band C by 2030, with few permitted exceptions.

But Portsmouth council ordered the return of the original windows due to the house being in a conservation area, claiming "erosion" of the area's heritage was unacceptable.

West says: ďWe put in triple glazing. It's very energy efficient and also very comfortable for the tenants.

"We're not conservation cowboys... anybody walking casually up and down the street would not notice the difference."

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