News: Labour pressure group tweets: “All landlords are bastards”

Fri, 11 Jun 21

A Labour Party pressure group has tweeted the message: “All landlords are bastards.”

The tweet, from Labour Tenants United, is the latest in a series of aggressively anti-landlord messages on social media from the organisation.

The offensive tweet was posted on Wednesday afternoon, in response to another social media message. 

On Wednesday evening, Landlord Today contacted the office of Labour’s shadow housing minister, Lucy Powell, for comment on the incident; so far there has been no response. 

Just a month ago when Powell was appointed she was herself criticised by Labour Tenants United, again on Twitter. The group initially welcomed Powell to her post but then said “On the other hand” and retweeted a social media comment saying that Powell was a landlord as well as an MP.

That tweet included part of the MPs’ register of interests, which stated that Powell had let out a room in her apartment since June 2015, and owned a share of the freehold in a block of six flats in south London.

In March the LTU criticised the then-shadow housing minister - another woman, Thangam Debonnaire - over her views on legislation regarding police powers. 

Last October a party activist who described himself as a founder member of Labour Tenants United wrote an article on the Labour List website which was critical of the party leadership and landlords. 

It accused party leader Sir Kier Starmer of moving away from rent control and other housing policy commitments made under former leader Jeremy Corbyn.


It was also sharply critical of landlords, saying “… the decision-makers in the party do not understand the fundamentally opposed interests of landlords and tenants. Recognising this conflict is vital if the party wants to develop a programme to really fix the situation for private tenants. The party cannot return to appealing to the better nature of landlords.”

The piece continues: “It is hard to discount that the continued and disproportionate presence of landlords in positions of power within Labour might be one factor that explains why the party has been falling short.”

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