News: Italys secret Jewel of the Sea

Wed, 07 Nov 07

British investors should seriously consider investing in Southern Italy, according to Propertyshowrooms.com...

Spokesman Andy Welland enthused:  “The southern province of Calabria is proving popular with buyers who are keen to capitalise on the popularity of beach destination Lamezia, which is easy to access thanks to cheap airlines like Ryanair.  It is very much a seasonal destination and people will go down there for the summer".

Mr Welland added that although Calabria is cheap at the moment, prices are expected to climb "very, very quickly" as investors take advantage of the market. Mr Welland said that within the next two or three years, property values in Calabria could be as buoyant as prices in Spain, which means investors have to act now.

Unadulterated coastal beauty

Known as “The Jewel of the Sea” Calabria is the southern-most province on the Italian mainland and forms the 'toe' of the Italian peninsula. Separated from Sicily by the Messina Channel, Calabria is situated at the heart of an area of unadulterated coastal beauty.  Italian legislation ensures that low density, low rise construction is the only permitted form of development in rural Italy, avoiding the concrete invasions prevalent in many other Mediterranean locations.  

Covering a total area of 320,000m2, and incorporating a golf course and amenities such as restaurants, bars, shopping mall, tennis club, fitness centre and luxury spa, Calabria will fully satisfy every requirement of savvy investors and sun seekers while retaining the much sought after Italian character.  And with prices starting at an incredible 85,500 euros, now is the time to take a closer look.

Improved accessibility

A distinct lack of international flights to Calabria has previously hampered tourists’ ability to visit.  However, as home to some of the most spectacular of Italy's beaches and the cheapest places to stay, Calabria is set to become popular due to the long awaited launch of direct flights to the region.  Ryanair now offer direct flights three times a week from Stansted to Lamezia and Thomson will also shortly be introducing weekly Gatwick and Manchester flights to Calabria

Shrewd investors have seen the limited accessibility as a blessing in disguise and have been buying up southern properties at rock bottom prices, safe in the knowledge that new air services would bring them a necessary influx of tourists to serve their investments. 

Calabrian properties are still the best value for money in Italy, while breathtaking sights and perfect sun drenched sandy beaches are sure to be firm favourites with future visitors and investors alike.

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