News: Italy shows commitment to tourism

Thu, 03 May 07

Italy has shown its commitment to its tourist industry by holding the first ever tourism fair in its capital, an event which could have a welcome knock-on effect for the Italian property market...

Rome's first ever international travel fair was held between March 22nd and 24th at the New Fiera di Roma.

There were a number of events organised during the fair, which dealt with a range of issues relating to Italian tourism, including how the industry can be promoted and supported.

During a debate at one of the events, Angelo Balducci, head of Italy’s tourism development department, said: "Italy has a great potential to tap tourism. We need to think and stimulate in terms of quality."

He added that the government was currently cooperating with regions and stakeholders in tourism to ensure that these goals are met.

Such ambition for the country’s tourism sector will encourage further investment in the Italian property market as well as aiding the country’s economy as a whole.

Other attendees at the fair were similarly positive about the future of tourism in Italy, with Contazo Janotti Pecci, chairman of Federturismo, saying that the country projects itself as a "dream destination" and must deliver on this promise to visitors.

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