News: Investors hit the Eurozone jackpot

Tue, 08 Jan 08

Being part of the Eurozone makes countries more attractive to property investors, claim Blevin Franks...

Matthew Weston, Overseas mortgages manager, commented: ‘Being part of the single currency meant being part of a monetary system in which the European Central Bank (ECB) prioritised stability and low inflation, plus growth and job creation”.

"As economies prosper and redundancy figures fall, housing and letting markets will usually soar."

Describing the market as "very attractive", Mr Weston warned that despite the beneficial effects of joining the Eurozone, some markets were "saturated", but added that some also ‘hold a lot of potential".

The euro was launched in 1999. 13 European Union (EU) countries are currently members of the eurozone, as well as Andorra which is not in the EU but is jointly run by France and Spain.

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