News: Investors hail Clifftop Calabria

Tue, 23 Oct 07

Cliff top houses, swathes of sandy beaches, dramatic mountains and sweeping valleys make Italy a beautiful and charming holiday destination....

Owning property in this sought after part of the world often appears to be reserved for the rich and famous, but regions such as Calabria, along the southern coast, offer the same charm for a fraction of the cost and an investment opportunity not to be missed.

Calabria forms the southern most part of Italy, and is predominantly a mountainous region framed by 780km of coast. This striking landscape is one of contrasts, with below zero temperatures in the mountains in winter and above 40°C in the valleys during the summer. Most of the local activity can be found around the coastal villages, where the old way of life still presides.

Tropea is one such village. A castle sits atop a rocky outcrop and gazes down at the glorious sandy beaches. Ancient properties cling to the Cliffside in what seems to be a defiance of gravity.

Beautiful beaches

Near here, Pizzo village offers beautiful beaches where an exclusive collection of five star resorts can be found, one such resort is the Pizzo Beach Resort. Combining the old way of life with the new, this resort offers the property investor a stunning collection of properties just 500m from the beach, with a belt of eucalyptus sheltering the resort from the sea.

Robin Barrasford, Managing Director of Barrasford and Bird Worldwide comments, “Calabria is a beautiful part of Italy that is becoming more and more popular. Property prices are low, but are climbing quickly as interest in the region piques.

“This resort represents an excellent opportunity to purchase five star property in a location that is already popular with tourists, making the properties here ideal for rentals as well as family breaks.”

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