News: Housebuilder commends Turkish market

Thu, 03 May 07

The head of a company responsible for building property in Turkey has spoken about the value of the market for investors...

Berk Guden, deputy chief executive of real estate company Corendon, told Turkish Daily News that the company was able to "guarantee" rental income for buyers in a new complex it is building.

Mr Guden pointed out that this is a significant advantage for Turkish property investors as it gives them the potential to make money from their second home when they are not using it themselves.

"They are going to earn money, their property is going to gain more value and they are going to make use of their money at the same time," he explained.

A travel sector that is gradually increasing in popularity, golf tourism was also the subject of analysis from Mr Guden, who said that the Turkish property market could benefit more than it already is from the segment.

Some 3,500 golfers visited Turkey last year, the company boss pointed out. He stressed that the country needs to make more efficient use of this healthy level of interest.

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