News: Homeowners demand 'greener 'life

Mon, 29 Oct 07

UK home owners are demanding greener new homes and want green principles included in new builds as standard, according to research from Standard Life Bank...

The research, which comes ahead of Energy Savings Week (22 October) , reveals that 87% of Brits want new build homes to include energy efficient fittings, while three-quarters (75%) want solar panels and recycling equipment included as standard.

The vast majority (71%) want new homes to be built from sustainable materials, while almost two-thirds (62%) said all fixtures and fittings should come from sustainable sources.

Although Brits are embracing energy efficient measures in the home, they want to be rewarded for their green efforts, with 71% saying that eco homes should cost less and two-thirds (68%) wanting home builders to team up with energy companies to offer better deals.

Homeowners must take responsibility

Being energy efficient is already part of many homeowners' lives, with 46% of people using energy saving appliances, and seven in 10 people (69%) using energy saving light bulbs in the home. Many others have grand green intentions, with 70% of Brits considering sourcing their wood or furniture from a sustainable source; 58% contemplating buying a hybrid car; and 61% considering installing a dual flush toilet.

Ashley Ramsay, trends expert at Standard Life Bank, said: "Energy Savings Week is a good opportunity for us to look at how we can make our homes and lives greener. Our research shows that homeowners are coming to expect energy efficiency and green principles as standard and those moving into new properties expect energy efficient measures to come as part of the package.

But homeowners with older properties need to take responsibility for being more energy efficient and one option is to draw down on their mortgage to help fund major green home improvements such as solar panels or heat pumps."

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