News: Government urged to get behind build to let

Thu, 24 Nov 11

The only solution to the housing crisis is to encourage institutional investors like pension funds to invest in build to let projects, the British Property Federation (BPF) said yesterday.

Speaking at the communities and local government select committee’s inquiry into the financing of new housing supply, the BPF said institutional investors were already interested in the rental sector and could help meet the UK’s housing need with political support.

Yesterday’s housing strategy promised support for institutions building homes to rent through the release of public land and an independent review of the private rented sector in the New Year.

Ian Fletcher, director of policy at the BPF, told the committee: 'While many of the conditions are already in place, such as rental demand and now political support, the government face the challenge of firstly finding sufficient scale of opportunity, and also trying to encourage institutions which are unfamiliar with the housing sector to invest.

Source: AboutProperty.co.uk

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