News: Government clampdown on private rental sector overcrowding

Thu, 28 Dec 17

The BBC is today reporting that the government has released more details on long-discussed proposals to tighten up licensing in the private rental sector.


It says the government wants landlords in England who let a property to five or more people from at least two different families, to be licensed.


Under the plan, the maximum number of people who can occupy a room would be specified in the property's licence - ending, in theory at least, some overcrowding in the rental sector. 


The BBC says the Department for Communities and Local Government believes that the change - which is still to be agreed by Parliament - would make a much greater proportion of flats and one and two-storey properties subject to licensing.


National mandatory licensing currently only applies if properties are three or more storeys.


It estimated that about 160,000 homes will be affected by the new proposals.


The BBC also reports that the government has also brought forward proposals to specify minimum bedroom sizes. 



Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told The Independent newspaper that his party, if it reaches government, will make so-called ‘no fault’ evictions illegal. 


"I think it's a moral litmus test for the country: do we just put up with so many rough sleepers or do we do something about it. ... I am very determined to bring some order and stability to their lives by longer tenancies and eviction that can only be there for good reason rather than just what can be retaliatory eviction," he told the newspaper.

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