News: Frances tourist image tarnished

Wed, 16 May 07

A survey of consumers and travel industry professionals by Maison de la France has thrown up a number of areas for improvement...

According to the study, which questioned the views of visitors, non-visitors and travel industry partners on France's image as a tourist destination, France would benefit from the following:

  • More competitive prices
  • The development of 'packaged' tourist offers, making things easier for the consumer
  • A new offering, because France can, at times, can be considered "too classic"
  • The development of nation-wide promotional campaign, seeking to promote France as a tourist destination
  • Increase promotion of the regions, because Paris, and to a lesser extent, the Côte d'Azur currently enjoy a monopoly
  • Increased flights to and around France, especially low-cost flights
  • Greater attention to domestic transportation quality (comfort, timetables, strikes, etc.)
  • The development of foreign language skills, especially those of the tourism professionals
  • Greater respect to international standards, especially in the realm of accommodation

Regular visitors to France identified traffic, food prices, a cool reception from professionals, and the lack of promotion of the French regions as the destination's main weaknesses.

While its main strengths were identified as food, unique lifestyle, preservation of natural sites, diversity of regions and landscapes, cultural heritage, diversity of activities, diversity of accommodation, and quality of markets.

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