News: Four-fifths of tenants break landlord rules, study finds

Wed, 29 Jan 20

The vast majority of renters engage in actions and behaviours that landlord would disapprove of, partly because they are not familiar with the different rules in their tenancy agreement. 

A new study has revealed that 84% of renters believe that there they are currently breaking at least one or more of the rules set by their landlord-imposed regulations. 

Almost three in four - 73% - of the 2,100 tenants surveyed by Hillarys, the interior specialists, admitted that they were not aware of what the exact rules laid out within their tenancy agreement were, with 36% stating that they have no idea how to find a copy. 

The most broken rules were revealed as follows:

 1/ Hanging pictures/photos/art on the walls – (38%)

2/ Damaging or making alterations to the interior of the property without permission - (34%)

3/ Smoking inside of the property – (23%)

4/ Causing noise disruption to neighbours - (19%)

5/ Owning a pet – (14%)


When asked if they were aware of the current notice period stated within their tenancy agreement, less than a quarter of respondents - 23% - confessed that they would be unsure of how much time they would have to move out if their landlord requested it or how much notice they would have to give. 

Lucy Askew, interiors specialist at Hillarys, said: “Thanks to rising house prices and the subsequent need for significantly large deposits, the reality of homeownership has become unachievable for a number of Britons, resulting in the need for rented accommodation. 

“Whilst it can be all too tempting to ignore the agreements made with a landlord in order to create a cosy atmosphere, rules are put in place for a reason, and failure to comply can put a tenancy at risk and could leave the tenant in question without a home.”


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