News: Firm claims tamper-proof heaters are ideal for rental units

Tue, 29 Jun 21

A company claims its new range of so-called ‘no control’ heaters is ideal for private rental units because it offers a tamper-proof solution for landlords. 

Stiebel Eltron’s range has been designed for properties where the user is not the billpayer, giving only landlords control of the temperature controls and onboard times to reduce energy wastage and costs. 

With features including a weekly timer, open window detection, self-learning capabilities and automatic circulation of the preheat timer, the CNS Trend NC is designed to reduce energy wastage in rental properties.  

The new range compromises of five new models, spanning 0.5 to 2kW in heating output, and have a setting range of five to 30°C and come with a seperate electronic controller with LCD.

Mark McManus, managing director at Stiebel Eltron UK, says: “If the UK is to meet its ambitious net zero targets, reducing energy wastage in crucial in rental and owned properties. That’s why we’re constantly reviewing our product offering and seeing where more sustainabile systems are needed in the market, to make sure we can all play our part in achieving net zero ambitions.”

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