News: Finland is funland!

Wed, 28 Nov 07

If you’re tired of blistering sun baked beaches and the salty goodness of the serene seas of predictable places like Spain or Southern France, why not try something a little more diverse...?

David Stanley Redfern Ltd, an overseas property investment specialist highly recommends Finland, home to spectacular ice laden landscapes and occasionally a never setting sun illuminates the abundant splendor for months at a time!

Almost anyone who has been abroad has lazed in the rays and listened to the distant cries of both children and adults alike as they splash scream and generally stir it up at the seashore! Do you feel it’s time for something different? Do you need to let you adventurous side loose? What the heck, why not try something a whole world removed from that tempting but tired scene? Just check this out!

Exciting attractions

Finland has got all the usual attractions you might expect to find by the bucketful! Snowy sightseeing, saunas, sea/ice fishing and Santa Claus are all awaiting your arrival! And the summer months are no less popular either, largely owing to the massive array of golfing, mountain biking, horse riding, Nordic walking, canoeing, and jet skiing opportunities to be taken!

Very enjoyable indeed, but if you’re looking for something incomparable, something you can proudly reflect on in future years with only your joyous smile to reflect that individual inner elation of yours, there’s so much more to be discovered in Finland!

Before I continue I should explain that just like you, I live in the real world and not in the land of make believe! The opportunities offered here are admittedly hard to believe, but they’re every bit as fun as they are incredible! So, where to start...

Friendly and hospitable

Perhaps with the many tournaments held in Finland, including mosquito swatting and milking stool throwing, table-top drumming and ants nest sitting! (Yes really!). Maybe team berry picking or the ever popular kick sledding is more your thing! Been there done that you say, well...read on!

Have you tried the annually held world championships of cell phone throwing or wife carrying? Do you fancy yourself as Finland’s next sauna bathing champion or championship swamp football captain? You’ve still got the trophies you say!

Okay then...did you know Finland annually hosts the annual cattle calling contest? Perhaps the lovely matchmaking festival sounds like something you could excel at! However, please don’t get the two confused! Whatever you’re hoping to find in Finland, you’re sure to find it. The folk are friendly and ever ready to hospitably accommodate you in their fantastically refreshing homeland and fun land of Finland!

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