News: Estonias hidden treasures

Mon, 08 Oct 07

Estonia’s massive array of investment opportunities are criminally overlooked all too often...


Both its inherently beautiful, untouched land and equally majestic property developments simply lay dormant, waiting to realise their true potential for the more keen investors out there.


In the overseas property investment market and its constant search for fresh vocational resources, it surely won’t be long before the current niche of Estonia sees its property prices soar.

First to be inhabited in 8500 B.C, the modern day city of Parnu is now Estonia’s summer capital and a popular vacation resort that hosts the magnificent Parnu River and its numerous vast beaches.


Not only does it feature hotels and restaurants to accommodate its many visitors, but also boasts its own airport which brings its visitors straight to the heart of the stunning region. Perhaps Parnu’s most notable and revered asset however is its famous therapeutic mud baths. Known for their astonishing healing qualities, they draw droves of sufferers of an array of disorders from around the globe.

Breathtaking opportunity


Koonga Parish is located just 35 km from Parnu and is the site of an 8.5 hectare plot of pure forest featuring land. Its surrounding stone wall perimeter is easily accessible and the 31000 euro price reflects just how accessible this expansive and breathtaking overseas investment opportunity is.

Within a 10 minute drive away from prestigious Parnu is the township of Audru, another mesmeric Estonian Parish. In sharp contrast to the aforementioned plot, the price tag here perfectly illustrates the immensely varied property investment opportunities simply lying in wait within Estonia’s boundaries.


£629,333 will buy you an accessible 5.03 hectare plot of land that’s virtually incomparable to any other worldwide location and is exclusively available through overseas property investment specialists David Stanley Redfern Ltd.

Gorgeous landscapes


Showcasing both ends of an opulent Estonian property scale goes a long way to emphasise the sheer volume of the country’s many hidden treasures.


So, from an affordable £22,000 that’s perhaps more appealing to the first time buyer to the more illustrious £629,333 plots that perhaps hold more appeal for the more established investor, the opportunities that fall in-between can obviously vary in cost, specification and nature.


From log cabins to modern apartments and the hinted at gorgeous landscapes that host them, Estonia has an as yet unappreciated abundance of all these attractions!

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