News: Dubai: Las Vegas of the Middle-East

Tue, 11 Sep 07

Dubai is on course to have the largest number of leading hotels anywhere in the world...

The burgeoning Middle Eastern country currently offers over 40,000 hotel beds, with an approximate occupancy rate of 90% throughout the year. However, recent developments in Al Bawadi mean that the figure has jumped to 51 hotels, and 60,000 rooms.

The Al Bawadi project has been conceived to develop capacity for the expected dramatic increase in tourism to Dubai, which is set for an influx of more than 15 million visitors over the next five to ten years.

In addition, Al Bawadi will become an exciting entertainment and leisure hotspot with the development of entertainment centres; shopping malls; 300 theatres; leading hotel brands; 1500 restaurants and convention centres. The centrepiece of the development will be the world's largest hotel - Asia-Asia - which will provide 6,500 rooms and will be completed by 2010.

Once completed, Al Bawadi will have the highest concentration of hotels linked with the biggest shopping area in the world. Consequently, the Al Bawadi project will become the Las Vegas of the Middle East, but until now it hasn’t been provided with a gambling licence.

This huge project is being developed to coincide with the growth of tourism in Dubai and to further boost the numbers flocking to the country.

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