News: Council not using social housing for Afghans, instead wants private landlords

Fri, 03 Sep 21

Dorset council is the latest to appeal to landlords to house Afghan refugees who are in this country having helped UK ad allied forces before the Taliban takeover.

The Dorset authority has pledged to support a scheme, which is being funded by the UK government, to rehouse refugees - but it’s insisting that it will not use social housing, intended for Dorset families on the housing register or for people who are homeless. 

The council is instead seeking offers of additional privately owned, self-contained accommodation to house families under this scheme.

The authority is looking for a range of homes of varying sizes, particularly larger family homes that are available for at least 12 months.

These need to be self-contained houses or flats.  Offers of spare rooms or house-sharing cannot be considered as part of this scheme.


Councillor Graham Carr-Jones, Dorset council’s portfolio holder for Housing and Community Safety, says: “Everyone will have seen the heart-breaking and distressing events currently unfolding in Afghanistan and Dorset council is supporting the government’s scheme to resettle eligible families safely in the UK.

“People are asking how they can help. The single thing we need right now is offers of suitable accommodation, but this needs to be balanced with existing high levels of demand for housing in our area.

“That’s why we are specifically looking for private landlords or owners of second homes to come forward rather than asking social housing providers.

“I am acutely aware of the demand for emergency accommodation for local families on our housing register and in temporary accommodation. I want to reassure people in this situation that they will not be disadvantaged by the work we are doing to help the government resettle Afghan families.”

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