News: Council and police work together to crack down on rogue landlords

Mon, 27 Jul 20

Ashfield District Council has joined forces with police officers in the Sutton area of Nottinghamshire to clampdown on unscrupulous landlords operating locally. 

The council is hoping to reassure residents that they are doing everything possible to prevent unsuitable properties from being rented out in the local area. 

Police and the council’s private sector enforcement officers carried out an operation targeting properties that posed a danger to the occupants.

The properties in the Outram Street area of Sutton were inspected by Council officers with support from the police. 

Officers uncovered serious risk of fire and electrocution in a family home and over occupation and dangerous electrics in another property.

A further inspection confirmed that a property that had previously been prohibited by the team was in occupation.

Cllr Helen-Ann Smith, deputy leader of the council, commented: “The proactive work from our Private Sector Enforcement team is vital in cracking down on rogue landlords who put their tenants and neighbouring properties at risk.

“We are working closely with our Police colleagues to crack down on those who gamble with people’s lives.  We rely on reports from the public in order to act on crime and this is a great example of just that.

“We will continue to work closely with Nottinghamshire Police wherever possible as we are committed to ensuring our residents feel safe in their community and in their own homes.”

Alongside the inspections, police officers carried out proactive searches for cannabis grows, which take place on a regular basis across the county.

Neighbourhood police sergeant Kate Long said: “We are proud to be working alongside our partners at Ashfield District Council and are dedicated to disrupting drug production and supply in the area.

“It preys on vulnerable people in our society, fuels crime and causes a nuisance to those who live nearby.

“We are working with specialist teams within Nottinghamshire Police such as the dog section and serious and organised crime to conduct a variety of operations.

“We work on intelligence and information from the local community and we act on anything we receive so we encourage residents to call us on 101 about any suspected activity.”

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