News: Commons debate set to break HIPs?

Tue, 15 May 07

A Commons debate on the Home Information Pack (HIP) will take place on Wednesday 16 May...

The future of improved energy efficiency of our homes could be seriously delayed by a vote taking place in the House of Commons this Wednesday, warns the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP)...

A vote against the regulations at this stage, could impact on the immediate future of Home Information Packs, and as a direct result, the future of the new Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which are due to be introduced by Government, as part of the HIP in just 18 days time.

HIPs essential for EPCs

Paul Broadhead, Deputy Director General, AHIPP, said:

"This week's vote is a result of political game playing and could significantly impact the UK's climate change over the next few years. Currently, 27% of the UK's carbon emissions come from our homes and Energy Performance Certificates, as part of Home Information Packs, form a vital part of the UK's obligation to cut carbon emissions.

"However, the only way to ensure that the EPC will be implemented and will significantly reduce the carbon emission from homes over the next year is through Home Information Packs. If the vote in the Commons this week goes against the new HIP regulations it is essentially back to the drawing board for the EPC, with no other, existing regulations currently in place to ensure the imminent implementation of this vital reform.

"If the EPC is not delivered through HIPs, it is unclear how it will be delivered, if at all over coming year. This week's vote in the Commons will not just impact the future of HIPs but the future of the EPC and our environment - the climate change agenda cannot wait, or be made to suffer as a result of political game playing".

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