News: Buyers salute commanding Caribbean

Tue, 25 Sep 07

The Caribbean Islands are the latest destinations to be accorded investment hotspot status, according to recent research by independent property investment advisors, London International Property...

Offering island sanctuary in the beautiful resorts of St Vincent, Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia, the Caribbean is a powerful addition to any property portfolio and a commanding lifestyle choice for investors.

Tony Knowles, director of London International Property said: “The Caribbean is an attractive prospect for those buying property abroad because it is synonymous with luxury.

”An amazing landscape, near-perfect weather and a laid-back lifestyle are increasingly enticing buyers to look to the Caribbean for property investment opportunities.

“Many islands in the Caribbean also offer tax-free living, which is obviously a very alluring prospect and important consideration for many looking to purchase a property abroad.”

The prestigious location and year-round climate lend themselves to sustainable rental yields with high occupancy in winter and summer. Independent estimations calculated on behalf of London International Property peg the occupancy rate at an average of 75%-80%.

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