News: Brits lead Slovenia surge

Thu, 27 Sep 07

Enthusiastic investors are warming to Slovenia’s property investment market...

The former communist bloc country was one of the first to adopt the use of the Euro at the beginning of 2007, and ever since property investments have been increasing with the British leading the way.

With a population of only two million Slovenia is a relatively small country within the Balkan Peninsula of Europe. The ex-­Yugoslavian country was in fact one of the most advanced countries to gain succession to the EU and boasts a per capita GDP of US$17,535, around 75% of the EU average.

Property research provided by the Tax Administration shows that during the first year of liberalization, about 500 properties were sold to EU citizens. The report continued to say that most of the properties sold were either seaside or in the northeastern region of Prekmurje.

In 2006 this figure rose to 740 properties purchased by Britons, Italians, Austrians, Germans, Irish, and Spaniards. Property prices have been rising fast by an unconfirmed 10% to 30% annually. In Ljubljana the price per square meter now stands at €3000 but within the country’s rural areas bargains can still be had.

As an economically dynamic, democratic, and progressive country Slovenia is a safe and secure overseas property investment opportunity with very favourable interest rates that have remained low since 2005.

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