News: Brits flock to vibrant Canada

Mon, 10 Sep 07

British overseas investors continue to be drawn to Canada, according to Undiscovered International Property...

The appeal of four vibrant seasons, stunning locations, sustained secure property appreciation and quality lifestyle make Canada a firm favourite with the British.

Canada is now the fourth most popular destination for overseas property purchasing Brits, up two places from last year.

Unsurpassed quality of life

Canada offers a quality of life unsurpassed by other developed countries. It was recently voted the ‘best place to live’ out of the G8 countries by the United Nations and is attracting over 5,000 new Britons as permanent residents every year.

Canada’s position as a stable property market is reflected in 12% year-on-year property inflation growth. The currency exchange is also strong, with the Canadian Dollar currently standing at $2.14 to the pound.

“Canada is an attractive destination to the British investor and those seeking a better lifestyle,” comments John Prior, Director, Undiscovered International Property. “Breathtaking new developments, with favourable financial and fiscal factors, coupled with strong historic ties, mean the destination is set to become a fruitful market for British investors. Canada’s size and scenic diversity provides a dynamic property opportunity,” he says.

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