News: Brits dreaming of OZ

Mon, 21 May 07

A new survey has revealed that one in ten Britons would like to sell up in Britain and buy a home in Australia...

The study, which was carried out by Bank of Scotland International, shows that Australia is the most popular country when Britons consider emigrating, pulling in ten per cent of the vote.

In second and third place are New Zealand and North America, which polled nine and seven per cent respectively.

Overall, 42 per cent of Britons are interested in buying property overseas or moving abroad.

Tony Wilcox, managing director at the bank, said: "If you are planning to leave the UK to live temporarily or permanently overseas, you need the right products and services in place.

"When moving abroad there are many aspects of life which British expatriates have to adjust to and personal finance is no exception."

A recent survey by HiFX Global Property Hotspot showed that the number of enquiries about investing in Australian property had doubled in the last year.

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