News: Brazils city of the sun is booming

Mon, 22 Oct 07

The burgeoning city of Natal goes from strength to strength...

Recognised as having the world’s purest air after Antarctica, with an amazing combination of natural inherent beauty and an equally serene climate, there is little mystery behind Natal’s escalating attraction. And there’s more appeal still in the government planned proposals that include amongst other things the introduction of 10 new golf courses over the next 5 years!

Greater plans for a new Natal based airport which will be South America’s largest, have been given the go ahead and should see completion in 2010, making Natal the first port of call for commercial, recreational or any visitors coming into Brazil.

Bright future assured

With figures that report 96% of the regions visitors intending to make a second visit already, the future of Natal and its Brazilian counterpart’s looks very bright indeed, as does the economy.

The fishing village of Maracajau, due to its environmental conscience should retain a population figure close to the current 2500 it currently boasts. With residential demand easily outweighing the actual availability of property, the direct result should simply be high, sustainable appreciation and value.

Natal is blessed with an abundance of sun baked beaches that often draw a large Brazilian crowd of holiday makers, reflecting the true splendour of a region capable of alluring its own notably hospitable native folk..

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