News: Arrears worse because of longer notice period, insist landlords

Wed, 23 Jun 21

A landlord trade body says the lengthening of notice periods during the pandemic have made matters worse for tenants, not better.

John Blackwood, chief executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords, has been speaking out as a result of the Scottish Government again extending the period of notice; it will remain six months until March 31 2022 at least.

SAL says it’s disappointed that the current provisions have been extended to continue to delay landlords evicting tenants without any recognition of the good work that has been done between landlords and tenants to avoid eviction action even being considered.

Blackwood says: “We are urging the Scottish Government to recognise the excellent and supportive work done by landlords over the past 15 months and to look at the facts of the current situation which show a 53 per cent reduction in eviction applications in the private rented sector.

“Landlords are clear that it is in their best interests to be as flexible as possible in order to sustain tenancies and avoid eviction action being taken. 

“From our analysis of rent arrears eviction cases, it is evident that the existing eviction rules requiring landlords to give six months’ notice have sadly made matters worse for tenants who have accumulated rent arrears that they will struggle to pay off in the future.”

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