Making A Complaint

Most Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection policies will be sold, arranged and managed without a hitch. But mistakes can happen and Policy-holders may have cause for complaint. Typical complaints related to Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection or Whole Of Life investment policies can include:

  • Slow administration in dealing with a claim or making changes to a claim
  • Being given wrong or misleading information about the policy
  • Not being told about a particular condition in a policy
  • Failure to act on your instructions
  • Unfairly turning down a claim
  • Not being given enough notice about any changes to a policy

Tips offered by the Financial Conduct Authority when making a complaint include:

  • Being polite and clear about your complaint
  • Making a note of the date and details of any phone or face to face conversations including the name of the person to whom you talked
  • Writing a follow-up letter confirming any discussions made over the phone
  • If writing mark your letter with 'complaint' at the top and ensure that it is legible
  • Sending copies of documents and keeping originals
  • Keeping a copy of all correspondence

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