Home Buying Guide: Conveyancing: Stage Three

  1. You move in!

    At last! On the day of completion you receive the keys and the seller is obliged to move out.

  2. You pay the seller the balance of the house through your solicitors

    On the day of completion you also have to pay the balance of the price on the house (the agreed price minus the deposit which you have already paid), usually through your solicitor or conveyancer.

  3. You receive the transfer document and the title deeds

    The seller's deeds are now handed over to you, and arrangements are made for any outstanding mortgages on the property to be paid off.

  4. You pay extra costs: stamp duty, Land Registry fees and solicitor fees

  5. Solicitor carries out final administration

    After completion the solicitor still has various details to tie up. Your solicitor will:

    • where relevant, inform your mortgage lender, life insurance company, and the freeholder that the sale has been completed
    • register the transfer of ownership at the Land Registry. They will then send the deeds to your mortgage lender who will keep them until you either sell the property or pay off your mortgage
    • pay the stamp duty
    • send you a statement of completion, including a summary of the financial transactions. If you have not already paid their fees, they will ask for these now.

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