Mortgage Insurance, Mortgage Protection and Mortgage Cover

Mortgage insurance will protect your property if accident, illness, injury or unemployment reduce your income and threaten your ability to pay your mortgage payments. Your mortgage lender may insist that you take out mortgage cover. Home.co.uk recommends mortgage protection when buying a property. Please see our selection of companies able to provide you with mortgage insurance, mortgage protection, mortgage cover.

Legal and General Life cover is offered by Legal and General against life's unpredictability. This includes life insurance that can be used to pay off a mortgage, cover bills or protect a repayment mortgage. Over 50s life insurance and critical illness cover is also offered.

Royal London Life insurance mortgage cover for homeowners is available from Royal London. Having this cover means homeowners can continue to support their loved ones financially in the event of death. If you are the main earner in a household, you can ensure your family can continue to pay the mortgage should you pass away.

Aviva Mortgage protection insurance is offered by Aviva, which estimates that only around half of mortgage holders have life insurance. Only around a quarter of homeowners have critical illness cover or income protection insurance, which provides financial support to families if the main earner is diagnosed with an illness or is unable to work.

Vitality Mortgage protection insurance is available from Vitality from as little as £8 a month. The insurer stresses to homeowners that buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions they will make. It is vital that families are protected should the household's main earner pass away or is unable to work.

Zurich A range of life insurance policies is offered by Zurich. This includes critical illness cover, where policy-holders can receive a lump sum on diagnosis of one of 40 conditions. The insurer also offers a beginners' guide to life cover.

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