International Mortgages Directory

When buying a property abroad it's a good idea to speak to an impartial international mortgage broker who knows and understands the process in depth. There are potentially several ways you can raise finance for a property overseas and a vast array of financial products from lenders in the UK and abroad. A good independent mortgage broker will ensure you understand and find the best overseas finance option to suit your needs.

Home.co.uk recommends you check offers from our directory of international mortgage lenders.

Large Mortgage Loans Specialist mortgage advisor Large Mortgage Loans has offers that focus on the rapidly growing overseas buy-to-let and residential mortgage market. This is for those looking to acquire a property overseas to live in, as well as purchases for buy-to-let purposes. As an independent mortgage broker it can look at a range of deals and issues such as the deposit needed and potential rental income.

HSBC This high street bank's international services include loans for those looking to buy a property overseas. It urges customers to do plenty of research about their desired location, securing a good adviser who is familiar with local property law, as well as understanding the range of mortgage options.

Conti Overseas Investment Conti specialises in overseas mortgages, including the popular markets of France and Spain. The company has been helping customers buy property abroad since 1994 and was the first overseas mortgage specialist in the UK.

Online Mortgage Advisor Overseas mortgages advice, for those looking to buy property abroad, are among services offered by Online Mortgage Advisor. This is for those buying a home, remortgaging or buying to let. It has helped more than 120,000 customers get advice and uses brokers with access to the whole of the market.

SPF Buying a property abroad can be complex, particularly if you don't speak the local language. SPF offers specialist mortgage advice through its international team with an extensive network of lenders.

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