Parallel Price Index Brings Home True Value of Property at a Click

Are you paying over the odds for your house? The UK's most comprehensive property site HomeCo and price index specialists Mouse Price have got together to help customers find out what they should really be paying for their new property. Getting the right price for the right house can be difficult for both buyers and sellers.

Sellers traditionally rely on estate agents to come and visit the property and guestimate a good price, and buyers have to rely on the same estate agents to tell them whether they getting a good deal. First time buyers or sellers, and buyers re-locating to pastures new can have a particularly tough time establishing the value of a property.

Now HomeCo shoppers can look up the price of their perfect house when it was last sold, and see whether the new asking price is reasonable. They can also discover the prices of other houses in the area when they last changed hands. With one click, sellers can get instant and accurate valuations of their property and buyers can see whether the price of the house they are interested in is truly competitive.

As well as instant valuations, the new partnership has linked its asking and selling price databases into a parallel price index comparing the initial advertised house price with that actually paid for it. Matching sellers' and buyers' price expectations shortens the early stages of property negotiations, reducing the costs and stresses usually associated with price discussions.

"Customers want to sell their properties for as much as possible but must avoid overpricing or they won't sell at all. At the same time buyers want the cheapest deal, but know there 's a minimum. Home Co and Mouse Price's new parallel price index lets both sides see what's going on, so they can negotiate confidently with an accurate insight into the market in their area", comments Home Co MD Ben Horton.

To access Britain's largest property marketplace and see what your property is worth, go to www.home.co.uk.

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