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The UN Centre for Human Settlements estimated that one person in six suffers from inadequate or a complete absence of housing. Today, Home.co.uk launched their 'Charity Begins at Home' initiative, partnering the British Red Cross.

If one in six suffers from housing issues, the majority of the remaining five is likely to be in a position to help, without adversely affecting their overall quality of life. These are the challenging facts that spurred Home.co.uk to act.

"We found these figures incredibly disturbing and wanted to help spread the word throughout the housing industry. The one billion people in inadequate housing, alongside a homeless one hundred million, uncovers a much larger, global crisis stretching far beyond media headline reports," explained Doug Shephard, Business Development Director of Home.co.uk.

Firmly believing in raising awareness and co-operation, Home.co.uk is well positioned to help inform those with an interest in the UK's residential property market.

Recently nicknamed 'the Google of UK property', the Home.co.uk search engine tracks the majority of the nation's properties for sale and by default is viewed by most of those within the active market.

"With over 250,000, new web visitors each month and strong attention on our monthly, Asking Price Index reports, we are delighted to have this opportunity to draw attention to housing related, humanitarian issues. The new initiative highlights areas of the global housing crisis and promotes links to charitable projects," added Doug.

Home.co.uk wants to help change the perceived interests of the property industry: A community that has suffered from an unjust reputation for only giving attention to return on investment.

Doug highlighted, "Our industry contains millions of people who would like to know how they can help in terms of skills, expertise and finances. We want to inform our users and encourage them to help us improve the lives of those in crisis."

The British Red Cross is part of the world's largest, independent and most respected humanitarian organisation - the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement covering 181 countries. Highly experienced employees and volunteers fulfil the crucial role of administering help effectively, when and where it is needed most. The historic, British Red Cross logo represents a vital link between the needy and a mass of people who can help.

Visit www.home.co.uk to increase your awareness of global housing issues and help make a difference.

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