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Nov 17 Property Investor Today - National average house price being pulled down by London
Oct 17 Estate Agent Today - Home.co.uk has links to thousands of homes for sale and to let across the UK
Oct 17 Metro - Brixton - where home.co.uk puts the average monthly rent for a one-bed flat at £1,427
Oct 17 Moneywise - Independent estate agent James Pendleton analysed data from property search tool Home.co.uk and found that between July 2016 and July 2017, flat purchases in the capital fell from 4,709 sales to 2,494.
Oct 17 The Telegraph - In July, the number of apartments sold in the capital fell by 47pc compared to 12 months previously, according to figures from Home.co.uk.
Oct 17 FT Adviser - Estate agent James Pendleton has revealed flat sales in the capital declined from 4,709 in July 2016 to 2,494 in July this year - a drop of 47 per cent, based on data from Home.co.uk.
Oct 17 What Mortgage - The number of flats sold in July 2016 was 4,709 but by July 2017 this had dropped to 2,494, according to Home.co.uk.
Oct 17 Property Wire - Asking prices increased by 3.2% in England and Wales in October and by 3% in Scotland year on year but in Greater London they are down by 0.7% on an annual basis, according to the data from Home.co.uk.
Sep 17 Property Industry Eye - Overall, says Home, time on the market has increased by three days over the last month to 87, while the total number of properties on the market in England and Wales is down 4% annually.
Sep 17 Estate Agent Today - HouseSimple's methodology involves the analysis of around 500,000 properties listed on Home.co.uk.
Sep 17 The Negotiator - In terms of speed, earlier this year property website home.co.uk claimed that the average time taken to sell a property via private treaty is now 196 days.
Aug 17 The Telegraph - But it is Salford that is the shining star, according to the property website home.co.uk, with average rental yields of 5.4pc but a "real yield" (rental yield plus capital appreciation) of 32.3pc.
Aug 17 The Times - According to a survey published by the property search portal Home.co.uk last week, both markets are the most improved over the past 12 months, with prices up 6.5% in the East Midlands and 4.3% in the West Midlands.
Jul 17 Estate Agent Today - Housing market "in a period of stagflation" claims website
Jul 17 Estate Agent Today - Niche directories are sites that are specific to a certain profession or service, such as http://www.home.co.uk/ for estate agents.
Jul 17 Express - A detached home in London now stays on the market for an average of 196 days before it sells - a total of 37 days more than in February of last year, according to the website home.co.uk.
Jun 17 Landlord Today - Sharp decline in homes to let
Jun 17 Letting Agent Today - Website claims 11.6% drop in available letting stock since 2011
Jun 17 FT Adviser - Best place to be a landlord named
Jun 17 Letting Agent Today - Analysis of data from Home.co.uk by property crowdfunding plaform Property Partner shows that the Staffordshire town [Stoke-on-Trent] provides landlords with the best returns and affordability.
May 17 Homes & Property - After years of continuous growth, prices being sought in Greater London are down 1.6 per cent year on year. The average asking price is now £544,103 according to home.co.uk.
May 17 Estate Agent Today - London prices drop but regional markets performing well
May 17 The Times - Next on the list of locations where properties spend the longest time on the market, compiled by Home.co.uk, is Bangor, north Wales, at 172 days.
Apr 17 BBC - Doug Shepherd, director of home.co.uk said: "The fact is that both the London and south-east property markets have slowed markedly and the supply of homes for sale is still increasing.
Apr 17 Estate Agent Today - 'Stagnating' housing market say surveyors and listings website
Apr 17 Mirror - "According to Home.co.uk, the average asking price for a property with five bedrooms is £384,338."
Mar 17 Express - Doug Shephard, director at Home.co.uk, added: "Buy-to-let lest investment, wary of overbought London and SE, is heading North in search of better yields
Feb 17 The Times - A detached home in London will stay on the market for an average of 196 days before it sells compared with 162 days in February last year - 20 per cent longer, according to the website home.co.uk.
Feb 17 The Independent - A detached home in London now stays on the market for an average of 196 days before it sells - a total of 37 days more than in February of last year, according to the website Home.co.uk
Feb 17 Estate Agent Today - House prices "going nowhere in real terms" warns latest index
Jan 17 Daily Mail - Young people unable to afford to buy in Oxford and Cambridge are looking at average prices in Milton Keynes of £329,451, according to Home.co.uk after a rise of five per cent in the last 12 months.
Oct 16 Estate Agent Today - Price-cutting of homes on sale at three-year high says website
Aug 16 Estate Agent Today - Website claims London now has Brexit-inspired 'panic selling' at cut prices
Aug 16 Estate Agent Today - To compile the Index, HouseSimple looks at some 500,000 properties listed on the Home.co.uk website
Jul 16 Estate Agent Today - Index claims London and some regions showing first Brexit price falls
Jul 16 Evening Standard - Doug Shephard, director of Home.co.uk said: "It is too early to fully appreciate the Brexit fallout for the UK property market but the initial indications are certainly worrying."
Jun 16 Estate Agent Today - Some regional house price rises now unsustainable says website Home
Jun 16 Estate Agent Today - Supply drought not enough to prevent price falls, warn industry experts
Jun 16 Manchester Evening News - Drought in Greater Manchester housing stock
Apr 16 The Times - typical rents will be set 25 per cent above Leeds city-centre levels, which are an average of £889 per month according to home.co.uk, a property search website.
Mar 16 Estate Agent Today - Property buying 'frenzy' spreads across the country
Jan 16 Estate Agent Today - Sellers throwing caution to the wind on prices as supply "hits new low"
Dec 15 Estate Agent Today - 47% fewer homes for sale in England and Wales than in December 2007
Oct 15 Estate Agent Today - Stock coming to market down as much as 74% on pre-downturn levels
Sep 15 Estate Agent Today - New data shows stock famine still pushing up prices
Aug 15 The Guardian - Homeowners who bought terraced houses have suffered the most. According to Home.co.uk, a terrace bought in June 2007 cost an average £71,373, but it would be worth less than half that now at just £33,875.
Aug 15 Letting Agent Today - Pensioner buy-to-let hotspots revealed
Aug 15 The Times - [Home.co.uk] says last month saw what it describes as "the supply crisis" becoming more acute, with fewer properties available for purchase in any July since the onset of the financial crisis.
Jun 15 Estate Agent Today - Portals dominate new online 'property search league table'
Apr 15 Financial Times - the average three-bedroom home in London now costs £1.1m, according to Home.co.uk.
Mar 15 Estate Agent Today - Home portal gives OTM member agents a boost
Mar 15 Estate Agent Today - The latest price index [from] Home.co.uk includes the statement: "In central London [...] the typical time on market has increased around 15 per cent."
Mar 15 Estate Agent Today - OTM nears 5,000 agents but site traffic disputes go on
Feb 15 The Motley Fool - The average price of a central London flat fell 9% last year, according to Home.co.uk.
Feb 15 ThisIsMoney.co.uk - A recent survey from property price website Home.co.uk revealed central London flat prices have been the hardest hit.
Nov 14 The Telegraph - A typical two-bedroom home in London's swish Belgravia is 7.6 per cent cheaper now than a year ago, says Home.co.uk.
Nov 14 The Telegraph - Gross yields on buy-to-let properties average a healthy 4.2pc across Britain, according to Home.co.uk.
Oct 14 Estate Agent Today - Price falls in dearest prime London zones
Oct 14 The Independent - House prices in London's most expensive 'prime' areas are falling, according to Home.co.uk.
Sep 14 The Telegraph - Gross yields, which average 4.2pc across Britain, were calculated by dividing the typical annual rent by the typical asking price. These were taken from Home.co.uk, a database of properties for sale and rent across the country.
Aug 14 Estate Agent Today - Move with Us data is based on analysis of ... a database of around 750,000 property listings supplied by Home.co.uk.
Aug 14 The New York Times - The average asking price for properties on sale in Kilmacolm is £351,433, while the average for Scotland is £160,000, according to Home.co.uk.
Jul 14 The New York Times - According to the property website Home.co.uk, the average selling price of a terraced home in London in February was 21 percent more than a year earlier.
Jun 14 The Independent - New figures from home.co.uk suggest that Wales is by far the most improved property market in terms of typical marketing times
Jun 14 Yahoo! - After four years of falling supply, home availability in the capital has increased 8% year-on-year, according to Home.co.uk
Jun 14 The Independent - Crossrail: the new hotspots
May 14 The Guardian - Analysis by HSBC, based on figures from the Land Registry and website, home.co.uk showed that in Reading the average monthly rent is £950 while the average property price is £207,934, providing an average yield of 5.48%, up from 4.86% a year ago.
May 14 The Telegraph - The towns that offer the best buy-to-let returns
May 14 Daily Express - Doug Shephard, director of home.co.uk, says: "Compared to recent years, home prices in Newcastle are now fairly stable."
May 14 The Independent - All the English regions, Scotland and Wales saw a drop in the average marketing time for homes over the last month, according to Home.co.uk.
Apr 14 Estate Agent Today - Stock shortage most acute for semi-detached houses
Apr 14 The Telegraph - Three bedroom semi-detached houses are selling fastest in Ashtead, Surrey in an average of six and a half days, based on 209,500 property sales compiled by Home.co.uk.
Apr 14 The Independent - Home prices across England and Wales jumped 1.3 per cent over the last month, making the annual rise 8.4 per cent, according to Home.co.uk.
Feb 14 Estate Agent Today - Bipolar homes market needs jobs not Help To Buy
Feb 14 The Sunday Times - Property prices across England and Wales rose by 1.5% in January, according to the website Home.co.uk
Feb 14 The Independent - Home prices across England and Wales rose 1.5 per cent over the last month, the biggest monthly price growth since 2007, according to Home.co.uk.
Jan 14 Letting Agent Today - Landlords 'bloat' the private sector says website head
Jan 14 Estate Agent Today - Home website rains on recovery parade
Jan 14 Evening Standard - Until vendors return to the market in considerable volumes ... prices will continue to be supported and home hunters will become increasingly frustrated
Dec 13 The Times - Home.co.uk ... predicts the biggest increases of all: a 9.3% average rise in the UK in 2014
Dec 13 The Telegraph - "It will be another good year for property prices," says Doug Shephard of home.co.uk.
Dec 13 Metro - According to property website www.home.co.uk, house prices have remained static over the past year
Dec 13 Estate Agent Today - National inventory of homes for sale hits all-time low
Nov 13 Estate Agent Today - London house price boom is outstripping 2007 bubble
Nov 13 Estate Agent Today - Supply drops to new post-crisis low, says Home website
Nov 13 Independent.co.uk - Typical time houses spend on the market is 120 days, four days less than in November 2012 (home.co.uk)
Nov 13 Financial Times - Gross rental yield, which - reckons property search engine Home.co.uk - is below 3 per cent in the prime west London postcodes.
Oct 13 Estate Agent Today - Average house price in London soars as supply drops by one third
Oct 13 Independent.co.uk - A report from Home.co.uk last week described the London property bubble as expanding at an "alarming" rate
Oct 13 Estate Agent Today - Asking prices up again as property supply dwindles
Oct 13 The Independent - The average price for a flat in Wembley is £187,778, according to www.home.co.uk
Oct 13 The Guardian - There are 14% fewer homes for sale than this time last year, according to the property analysts Home.co.uk, and 19% fewer in London.
Sep 13 Estate Agent Today - A tale of two Britains in 'bipolar' housing market
Sep 13 Independent.co.uk - The total volume of property for sale across England and Wales has fallen by 14% over the last year, according to home.co.uk
Sep 13 Estate Agent Today - Asking prices jump as supply of homes on market stays low
Sep 13 Estate Agent Today - A report from website Home.co.uk says asking prices have risen more than 5% in the last year
Aug 13 ThisIsMoney.co.uk - According to home.co.uk, between May 2012 and May 2013 the price of detached properties in Deal increased by 9 per cent and terraced houses were up by 12 per cent.
Aug 13 The Telegraph - Cities offering the biggest returns to landlords
Aug 13 Metro - Home.co.uk director Doug Shephard said London's property market was 'running too hot already'
Aug 13 Evening Standard - Home.co.uk warned: "The London property market clearly needs no further stimulus; it's running too hot already."
Aug 13 Thisismoney.co.uk - The average price of a four-bedroom property is £282,497... according to home.co.uk.
Aug 13 Homes & Property - London's summer property drought
Jul 13 Estate Agent Today - Doug Shephard, director at Home, said: "Home price rises in and around London seem to be relentless..."
Jun 13 Estate Agent Today - Housing market recovery threatened by low volume, claim
May 13 Propertywire.com - Selling times for UK properties falling in most areas
May 13 Financial Times - The average property price in Greenwich is £484,056 (Home.co.uk)
May 13 Express.co.uk - The dynamic markets of London and the South-east continue to enjoy the shortest selling times
May 13 ThisIsMoney.co.uk - Research from property search site home.co.uk reveals that the average buy-to-let property in trendy Shoreditch, East London, will attract a gross yield of 4.3 per cent
May 13 Independent.co.uk - Average asking prices across the UK increased 0.7% in the last month, according to figures by Home.co.uk
May 13 Properywire.com - Average asking prices rise throughout the UK with London maintaining high growth
May 13 Dailymail.co.uk - Research from property search site home.co.uk reveals...
Apr 13 Estate Agent Today - Big drop in sellers as they watch prices soar at 'feverish pace'
Mar 13 AOL.co.uk - according to home.co.uk, a 2-bedroom property has increased in value by 8%
Mar 13 Propertywire.com - Buy to let property investors advised to think beyond gross rental yields
Feb 13 Independent.co.uk - Top 10 rental investment hotspots
Feb 13 The Telegraph - Search engine home.co.uk's index of buy-to-let locations, based on gross returns on capital invested in two-bedroom properties ...
Jan 13 ThisIsMoney.co.uk - The Merseyside district offers the best return on investments, with landlords obtaining an annual yield of 8.3 per cent on their initial purchase, data from Home.co.uk has found.
Dec 12 Independent.co.uk - Detached homes have kept their value best over last five years
Nov 12 FT.com - The website Home.co.uk analyses transaction data and claims that ... it is taking longer to find buyers
Oct 12 AOL.co.uk - According to research from property website home.co.uk the time taken to sell a house has risen by over 50%
Oct 12 Letting Agent Today - A new national rental index has been launched ... in conjunction with ... property search engine Home.co.uk
Sep 12 Evening Standard - The latest Time On Market report by website Home.co.uk shows the average London property was up for sale for 146 days
May 12 Estate Agent Today - Asking prices edge up as supply of For Sale stock drops
Apr 12 Estate Agent Today - Move With Us used data from its own sales plus property listings supplied by property search engine Home
Apr 12 Estate Agent Today - Property asking prices shoot up to four-year high
Apr 12 FT.com - "The website www.home.co.uk ... says the average asking price of a three-bedroom house has risen from £191,600 to £220,000 ..."
Mar 12 Estate Agent Today - New listings 'fall 18% in a year' as spring drought bites
Mar 12 Letting Agent Today - Zoopla Digital merger would 'knock Rightmove into second place' on lettings
Feb 12 Propertydrum - Search engine home.co.uk says, "A lot of smaller portals, like homesonview, Country Life, and PropertyLive, are still thriving."
Feb 12 ThisIsMoney.co.uk - Ipswich prices are 120 per cent higher than at the Millennium, according to Home.co.uk, a website that analyses long-term property values.
Feb 12 Estate Agent Today - Home sellers lambasted for 'folly' as they raise asking prices
Jan 12 Estate Agent Today - Homes lingering a record five months on market
Dec 11 Estate Agent Today - "The latest Home report backs up the idea of an ever-widening gulf in home sales ..."
Sep 11 Country Life - "According to statistics by Home.co.uk ... property prices in Lyme Regis have risen by an average of 22%"
Sep 11 The Telegraph - "website www.home.co.uk says a typical detached home in [Dorset] has risen 22 per cent in five years."
Aug 11 Estate Agent Today - "Property search engine Home, says that average time on the market has risen by nine days to 122 days - 22% longer than August last year"
Jul 11 Estate Agent Today - Thousands of properties have their asking prices cut
Jun 11 Estate Agent Today - Home races into lead with most properties on site
Jun 11 Estate Agent Today - "The property portal Home ... says that houses are now taking longer to sell, staying on the market an average of 109 days"
Mar 11 Independent.co.uk - "Property Expert Phil Spencer runs through some of the basics [of selling] on home.co.uk"
Mar 11 Estate Agent Today - "According to property search engine Home, which gets its data from virtually all UK property websites and portals, asking prices have risen 0.4% in the last month, despite selling prices falling"
Mar 11 FT.com - "with average prices in St John's Wood at £1,486,414, according to the site Home.co.uk, the area is bucking the national trend"
Feb 11 Estate Agent Today - More owners cut asking prices
Jan 11 Estate Agent Today - Properties now taking 148 days to sell
Dec 10 Estate Agent Today - Property search engine claims to list more properties than Rightmove
Nov 10 Estate Agent Today - "website Home ... said that 95,335 properties had their asking prices cut last month"
Sep 10 Estate Agent Today - Housing market 'stalled in April' says analyst
Aug 10 Estate Agent Today - Portal creates new 'check out your competition' stats
Aug 10 Estate Agent Today - Thousands more properties have their asking prices cut
Jul 10 Estate Agent Today - More sellers having to chop asking prices
Jun 10 Estate Agent Today - Thousands of homes on market have prices slashed
Feb 10 The Times - "The property website home.co.uk reports that the average asking price in Harrogate is £260,631"
Dec 09 Estate Agent Today - "Home has confirmed to Estate Agent Today that it is effectively powering the new Google property portal, Google Real Estate UK"
Dec 09 Estate Agent Today - Not enough to be on one portal (even if it is Rightmove), says survey
Dec 09 Daily Mail - "website home.co.uk says a typical flat in Witney costs £148,039 compared with the average Oxfordshire price of £212,464"
Aug 09 Propertydrum - "actual asking prices for homes for sale calculated daily from the properties in the Home.co.uk property search"
Jul 09 Times Online - "There are currently 439 properties below £100,000 listed for sale in Hartlepool, County Durham, according to Home.co.uk"
Jun 09 Estate Agent Today - Homes beginning to shift more quickly
May 09 Estate Agent Today - Home ... site is continuing to grow
May 09 Estate Agent Today - "Property search engine Home ... said that asking prices have now been going up steadily for three months in London and the home counties"
Apr 09 Estate Agent Today - "The Top 10 UK property portal rankings, compiled by averaging figures from Nielsen and comScore show ... Home [in 10th place]"
Apr 09 Estate Agent Today - "The Home survey ... found that asking prices across England and Wales have fallen this month by 0.4%"
Mar 09 Estate Agent Today - "search engine Home, has added several new features ... a facility whereby agents can click to view inquiries from buyers and sellers, and reply to these. They can also see how many potential buyers have viewed properties online"
Feb 09 Sky Property - Prices continue to fall - "typical price falls ... drawn from towns in Home.co.uk's Property Search Index"
Feb 09 Telegraph.co.uk - Property market freezes in Salcombe - "the website Home.co.uk measures how long properties have been on the market"
Feb 09 Times Online - How to sell your home - "be listed on other sites, including ... Home.co.uk"
Feb 09 Estate Agency News - Homing in on the best and worst selling areas - "research by home price analysts Home.co.uk"
Feb 09 Sunday Times - Scotland leads the UK in homes selling table - "according to new research by Home.co.uk"
Jan 09 The Negotiator - Aberystwyth named worst home selling town in December - "according to research from Home.co.uk"
Jan 09 Times Online - The 10 towns beating the housing slump - and the 10 worst affected - "source Home.co.uk"
Dec 08 The Negotiator - "Next year is set to be one of the best buyers' markets ever, claims Home.co.uk"
Nov 08 The Negotiator - "Property portal Home.co.uk's asking price index also reveals the North East as the best performing region this month..."
Aug 08 The Times - "...an increase of 10 per cent over three years, figures from Home.co.uk indicate"
Aug 08 The Times - "an area where the average apartment price is £662,667, according to Home.co.uk"
Jul 08 Estate Agent Today - Portals square up to battle
Jun 08 The Times - "An internet-based index, such as Home.co.uk, gathers the asking prices of properties registered online"
Sep 07 The Negotiator - Internet Special - Portals Versus Search Engines
Sep 07 Moneywatch.com - "The subprime lending crisis that began in the U.S. has also affected the U.K. housing market and may indeed have triggered this tipping point," said analysts from the Web site Home.co.uk
Jul 07 The Sunday Times - How To Sell Your Home
Apr 07 Daily Express - House Prices Soar £8,300 In A Month In 'Feeding Frenzy'
Feb 07 Daily Telegraph - Who needs an estate agent?
Feb 07 Estateagencynews.co.uk - The aggregating or property search engine sites such as home.co.uk ... are now starting to come on to the radar on the Comscore figures with home.co.uk leading the way in 21st position
Jan 07 Daily Telegraph - www.home.co.uk comes up with an impressive [number of] properties
Jan 07 Firstrung.co.uk - "Firstrung have always suggested keeping a 'weather-eye' on: Land Reg figures, Home.co.uk and Hometrack"
Nov 06 London Stock Exchange - "According to the latest asking price index published by property service Home.co.uk...."
Nov 06 The Independent - "Asking prices ... have risen 1.3 per cent in the latest four weeks, according to an index from Home.co.uk"
Aug 06 Money Week - "A far superior asking price survey, from Home.co.uk"
Jul 06 Sunday Times - "Home.co.uk: a new index based on sales prices"
Jun 06 Sunday Times & Money Week - "How can we know what is really happening with house prices? One way might be to look at a new index out from the property-search website home.co.uk"
Jun 06 Money Week - Will a London boom save the UK property market?
May 06 Daily Telegraph - "no shortage of websites offering low-cost advertising"
Apr 06 Sunday Times - The Market - "new rival price index paints a gloomier picture"
Dec 04 bbc.co.uk - Homes Buying section - linked from "buying overview"
Oct 03 Daily Mirror - Carol Vorderman's top 10 property websites
Nov 02 Guardian - D is for Do-It-Yourself-selling
Feb 01 Moneywise Magazine - "The most reliable site as far as property not having been sold or withdrawn from the market"
Oct 00 Guardian - "By far the best-designed site for researching prices"

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