Affordable Rent Setting Data For Housing Associations - 80% Market Rents

To bid successfully for capital funding under the Government's National Affordable Housing Programme, your Housing Association must move quickly in order to assess accurately your capacity to generate increased rental income from the new affordable rents.

The new intermediate (affordable rent) tenure allows associations to charge up to 80% of market rents. Comprehensive, accurate, postcode-based, current market rent data is therefore absolutely vital in making that initial capacity assessment.

Looking ahead, how will you ensure that your future rent setting complies with the Government's directive on affordable rents?

Thankfully Home.co.uk can provide you immediately with the data you need right now to make that crucial initial assessment with confidence, and going forward to set rents accurately in accordance with the regulator's guidelines.

Home.co.uk, founded in 1996, is the UK's most Comprehensive Property Search Engine and therefore the best source of current rental pricing in the UK. We can provide detailed rent-setting data for any UK towns or postal districts tailored to your exact requirements.

Brilliant, thanks once again for the very rapid turnaround with the data - a first rate service - the Head of Financial Services at a major North-West Registered Social Landlord

Data Options

Rent-setting look-up tables are available for as little as £15 per postal district*.

For each location and type of property the following data can be provided for each of the last 6 months.

  • Date figures were measured
  • Postal district / postal sector / town
  • Property type eg 1-bed flat, 1-bed house, 2-bed flat, ... 5-bed house
  • Number of that property type on the market in that postal district
  • Mean monthly rent
  • Median monthly rent
  • Mean time on market
  • Median time on market

Analysis by postal sector, town or other geographical area as well as bespoke statistical analyses are available by request.

Rental Market Appraisal Service

Home.co.uk also offers a property rental (and sales) market appraisal service, designed in accordance with RICS valuation methodology, using rental market comparables from our comprehensive database.

  • Easier to use than the rent-setting look-up tables
  • Desktop results
  • Comparable properties sourced from the UK's most comprehensive property search engine
  • Market appraisal based on nearest 100 comparable properties*
  • Rent appraisal by individual property or bulk request submitted via spreadsheet
  • Turn-around time normally within 24 hours
  • RICS-compliant valuation methodology
  • Sliding fee scale depending on number of appraisals ordered

Market rent appraisal costs are based on request volume:

  • 1-9 properties - £25/property
  • 10-99 properties - £15/property
  • 100-999 properties - £12/property
  • 1000+ - £10/property

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