Mortgage Glossary: Subsidence - warning signs

Mortgage Glossary Mortgage Glossary

Subsidence - warning signs

Subsidence depends on the soil on which a house is built and on the age of the property. Those built before 1960 are likely to be more vulnerable because foundations tend to be shallower.

Trees can also add to the problem, taking moisture from the soil and stretching their roots into your foundations in their search for water. The most thirsty are oak, elm, ash, poplar and willow. A good-sized tree may drain a tanker-full of water a month from the soil in hot summer weather. Selective pruning is the answer, especially for trees which predate the construction of your house.

That way you can continue to enjoy the tree without it wrecking your home Where subsidence does require remedial work, you may face extra problems when you come to sell. A prospective buyer may have difficulty getting insurance for a house that has been underpinned.

Mortgage Glossary Mortgage Glossary

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