Home Buying Guide: Contents

Home Buyers Guide includes the following sections.

  1. Introduction
    The Buying Process: A Step-by-Step Guide; Note: Before You Begin...

  2. Work Out How Much You Can Afford
    Introduction; Calculating Your Price Range; How Much Should You Borrow?; The One-Off Costs

  3. Choose Your Home
    Introduction; The Neighbourhood; The House; Viewing the Property; Leasehold or Freehold; Registered or Unregistered Property; Buying at Auction Introduction; Buying at Auction Step by Step Guide; Buying at Auction Pitfalls

  4. Making An Offer & Negotiating
    Pre-Offer Checklist; How Much Should I Offer?; Negotiating Tips; Negotiating in a House Price Slump; Negotiating in a House Price Boom; The Offer

  5. Valuation & Surveys
    Is a Survey Really Necessary?; Survey & Valuation Types; Basic Valuation; Homebuyer's Report; Building Survey (Structural Survey); How Do I Find A Surveyor?

  6. Conveyancing
    What Is Conveyancing?; Who Does the Conveyancing?; DIY Conveyancing: Pros & Cons; How Do I Choose a Solicitor or Conveyancer?; What Does the Conveyancing Process Actually Involve?; Stage One; Stage Two; Stage Three

  7. Insurance & Other Legal Matters
    Introduction; Buildings Insurance; Contents Insurance; Which Insurance Policy?; Protection In The Case Of Unemployment Or Illness; Life Insurance; Removals Insurance; Legal Protection Insurance; Wills & Inheritance Tax

  8. Gazumping And Other Problems
    What Is Gazumping?; How Can I Avoid Being Gazumped?; Other Potential Problems To Look Out For

  9. Making Complaints
    Introduction; What If I Am Not Satisfied With My Estate Agent; Surveyor; Solicitor; Conveyancer?

  10. Useful Contacts
    Addresses, telephone numbers and websites for the professional and trade bodies

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