House Sale Prices in Harefield during April 2019

Please find below a summary of the selling prices for all properties sold in Harefield during April 2019. To view the latest house price trends in Harefield please see our House Prices Report for Harefield.

Summary of Properties Sold in Harefield in April 2019

Total properties sold: 8
Average price of properties sold: £385,000

Property Sale Prices by Type in Harefield in April 2019

  No. of properties Average* price Median* price
Flat 4 £381,250 £370,000
Detached - -
Semi-detached 1 £480,000 £480,000
Terraced 3 £358,333 £365,000
Note: The sold house prices for Harefield were calculated by averaging over all properties sold, as recorded by the Land Registry, within 2 miles of the centre of Harefield - trend lines may be erratic*

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