News: Not only sufferers are using anti-noise website

People suffering at the hands of their noisy neighbours have been seeking help from a newly launched campaign.

The NoiseConcern website  www.NoiseConcern.org has had almost 2,500 hits in just four days from people being subjected to a noise nightmare by thoughtless neighbours.

It is no surprise that the majority of hits for the website have been made between 8am and 9am - after many have suffered a long and sleepless night.

But there are already positive signs that those guilty of creating a racket at home, are hoping to change their ways.

The most downloaded document from the website since the launch, is the Community Code ‘How to be a good neighbour’, produced by Noise Network.

The NoiseConcern campaign was launched this week in a bid to help those no longer willing to suffer in silence.

A radio advert and widespread poster campaign are helping raise awareness of the problem. The NoiseConcern website can be used as an information tool, giving advice on how to address your neighbour’s racket before it escalates.

Everyday millions of people are subjected to the annoying din from next door. Whether it is raised voices, slamming doors, thumping music or a snarling dog, the devastating affects are the same.

Frustration and lack of sleep leads to increased stress levels, which seriously impacts on life quality.

Alan Woods, Chief Executive of ENCAMS, the charity behind the campaign, said: "Living with noisy neighbours can be hell. Our new research shows how millions of people are suffering every day."

"Neighbour noise will never be switched off completely, but we hope the research, campaign and website will make people aware of how their noise is ruining other people’s lives."

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