News: New housing should have energy sources on site

Roof-top solar panels, windmills and back-garden biomass tips will be expected to generate at least 10% of electricity in new housing and other developments in Scotland.

This is a plan unveiled yesterday by the Scottish Executive and is a first in the UK to propose such a standard for housing developments, although the Greater London Council is already committed to 20% renewable energy for all major developments.

Communities Minister Malcolm Chisholm said: "Scotland has enormous natural renewable sources. We have a golden opportunity uniquely in the UK to harness this for the benefit of all our communities."

"Our target is to generate 40 per cent of Scotland's electricity from renewable sources by 2020, but I would like see us go beyond this and make further impact in reducing harmful carbon emissions."

The proposals were included in the executive's draft planning policy on renewable energy (SPP6) and were unveiled just as the Scottish National Party produced its own report describing an abundance of Scottish green-power potential.

The UK government’s energy review, which is expected to re-embrace the nuclear option, is due today.

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