News: Essex & Suffolk set for hosepipe bans

The drought status for Essex and parts of Suffolk has been uprated from 'potential drought' to 'drought' as a shortage of water is now expected for the summer in these areas.

The Environment Agency is urging the public, farmers and industry to use water carefully in these areas to avoid serious drought.

The effects this shortage will have include spray irrigation reductions or bans for farmers and low river flows leading to possible problems for fish and other wildlife.

The Environment Agency has also advised water companies in the area that the companies may need to introduce hosepipe bans to conserve limited water supplies.

Although there has been a slight increase in river flows after the rain we had in mid-February and early March, the underlying river flows are still low for the time of year. At least 6 weeks above average rainfall is needed to achieve more 'normal' conditions, the agency warned.

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