News: Wrong plants cause wilting prices

Wed, 23 May 07

The wrong sort of plants can create a bad first impression for prospective buyers and negatively affect the value of a property...

The survey, carried out by uktvgardens.co.uk, found that British homebuyers are becoming choosier when it comes to the plants and flowers that decorate their home.

Fast growing plants such as Laylandii and Ivy were unpopular choices and topped the poll of those which would most drive away people from buying a home, with 71 per cent and 67 per cent of respondents respectively revealing concerns.

Pampas grass, with its old-fashioned look and shooting stems was third, with 55 per cent of votes.

Geraniums and magnolias, once popular choices, had also come to be seen as old-fashioned flowers, with more than a third of respondents in each case disapproving.

Garden features could also affect a buyer's response, with 67 per cent reporting they would react negatively to garden gnomes, and over half being put off by the pet cemeteries in the back yard.

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