News: Values soar in Magic Maidstone

Mon, 24 Sep 07

Maidstone has been named as the 2nd best value for money town in Britain and the first in the South East, according to a new survey from the Royal Bank of Scotland...

The bank’s Affordable Affluence Index considered positive “lifestyle indicators” such as upmarket shops and restaurants, and compared this with “negative” influences such as betting shops and lower end supermarkets. The education credentials together with entertainment and cultural attractions were all taken into consideration.

In the survey the positive and negative factors were weighed up to give an “affluence score”. Property affordability was then worked out to determine the overall index position of each location. As a result Beverley in Yorkshire came first and Maidstone came second. Third was Chester and fourth was Perth in Scotland.

Fabulous facilities

“The survey does not come as a surprise”, says Jo Richards, Marketing and Corporate Manager at Hillreed Homes. “I live and work in Maidstone and I am well aware of the fabulous facilities we have in the area including the new House of Frazer. We also have exceptional access to central London via train and the M20/M25.

House prices in the region are very competitive, particularly when you consider what an excellent place Maidstone is and what it has to offer residents. There is the river which runs through the centre with its riverside walk, the excellent range of shops, bars, restaurants and night life. The David Lloyd Sports Centre plus of course the town’s history and culture, together with breathtaking countryside all within easy reach.

They didn’t need a survey to tell me about the value of owning a home in Maidstone – I know and I rather suspect other residents too appreciate our fabulous “value for money” area”.

The list of “Value for Money” areas is below:

1 Beverley, Yorkshire
2.Maidstone, Kent
3. Chester
$ Perth, Scotland
5 Salford
6 Inverness
7 Huddersfield
8 Solihull
9 Wokingham
10 Sutton Coldfield.
11 Canterbury
12 Ely
13Stratford upon Avon
14 Worcester
15 Salisbury
16 Torquay
17 Bangor
19 Durham
20 Livingston

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