News: US invades Eastern Europe

Mon, 21 May 07

Property investment in eastern Europe could generate rising returns thanks to an influx of American tourists into the region...

Driven by a weak dollar, American travellers are diverting their European travel plans from cities such as Paris and London, which now strain the purse.

Instead, they are opting for less conventional destinations in Romania and Bulgaria, where the Bulgarian lev and Romanian leu offer a much better exchange rate.

Any tourist with imagination will find plenty to entertain them, argued Carol Pucci in the Seattle Times.

"For adventure-seekers looking for an escape from $5 (£2.50) cups of coffee and hordes of tourists, these and the other ex-Communist countries are the final frontier for European budget travel," she said.

Moreover, as new EU entrants, Romanian and Bulgarian accommodation, transport infrastructure and dining increasingly meet high European standards.

Bulgaria''s attractions include major ski resorts such as Bansko and scorching Black Sea beaches in the summer, while visitors to Romania marvel at the medieval towns and hill-top castles.

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