News: Tuscany is the cream of the crop

Tue, 11 Sep 07

Tuscany is jewel in the crown of the Italian property market, according to one property expert...

Annie Temple, managing director of medpropertyshop.com, recently explained that each region in that area of Italy has something different to recommend it.

She said: "Umbria is more central [than Tuscany] and it is more historical and classical.   Many writers and artists live in Umbria because it gives people a lot of incentive and creation. Le Marche has some really nice old property."

She commented that in Puglia "You will find fairy tale castles... Puglia has some very beautiful coastlines and it's dominated by trulli - the little white round houses - and masserias - which are the big square mansions".

In recent years there has been a boom in the number of low-cost airlines flying from the UK to many Italian regional airports.

This has opened up a number of new and lucrative property markets for Britons looking for property in Italy.

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