News: China boosts Thai market

Wed, 26 Sep 07

The Thai property market could benefit from the runaway success of the Chinese economy, according to ThailandVenture.com...

Marsha Lu, researcher for Property Frontiers, said that investment in China has been so popular that many people have found themselves unable to buy there as the government attempts to manage the tide of foreign interest.

A total of seven regulations were issued by China’s central bank last year, according to the Property Frontiers researcher, in order to control the value of the country’s currency amidst the waves of foreign investment.

South-East Asian countries such as Thailand are often influenced by activity in the continent’s major economies and their investment markets could benefit from the effects of unsustainable demand in China, according to Ms Lu.

Ms Lu claimed:

"Because all these [South-East Asian] economies are very closely linked to China, including Thailand, Malaysia, even India when investors find that it’s hard to invest in China, they could see if these other countries are easier".

People considering investing in Thai property are advised to be fully aware of the complexities of the market before devising their strategy.

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