News: Spain airport link boosts prices

Wed, 12 Sep 07

Spanish property buyers prefer a location with easy access to an international airport...

According to Kyero.com, the close proximity of a property to an international airport, especially those serviced by budget airlines, is more important than being situated right on the coast, having great weather or bargain property prices.

Summarising hundreds of thousands of visitor actions on Kyero.com, their 'Hot Properties' page ranks Muro de Alcoy in Alicante province as the most popular town in Spain for foreign buyers.

Proximity is ‘attractive’

Muro de Alcoy, situated over 30km inland from Benidorm on Spain's south east coast, has seen impressive house price growth over the past two years (over 22% per annum) and property in the town is now priced close to the national average of €247,000.

The weather is good (but there's better elsewhere in Spain), it is 34km from the Costa Valencia and less than 1 hour's drive from Alicante airport with direct budget flights to the UK.

The town of Adra in Almeria province is second on the Kyero.com 'Top 10 Towns' list. Adra is the western most coastal town of Almeria offering year-round warm weather as well as bargain property prices, 43% lower than the national average - all within 1 hour's drive of Almeria international airport, which combine to make the town highly attractive.

Tortosa in Tarragona province, north east Spain, rounds out the Kyero.com top three. It's within an hour of Reuss airport, to the south of Barcelona and only 15km to the coast. It also offers bargain house prices 40% below the national average.

Journey times=make or break

In comparison, however, the town of Cortes de Baza in Granada despite offering property priced an incredible 150% cheaper than the national average is located 140km from the nearest international airport (Almeria / Granada) which moves this town down to fourth position.

It seems that regardless of the weather, average house prices and access to the coast, the difference between being the number 1 destination in Spain and number 4 is keeping the journey time to and from the airport under an hour.

 For more information please visit http://www.kyero.com/hot_properties.

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