News: Scam-busting site launched

Tue, 22 May 07

A new website has been launched to help guide buyers and sellers through possible scams and other pitfalls of the property market in the UK...

Rogueagents.co.uk will be a non-profit advisory site started by a frustrated prospective homeowner in order to aid others dealing with the difficulties in the market.

There are growing signs of the public's distrust of estate agents and unlawful practices.

The Ombudsman for Estate Agents (OEA) recently released figures showing that it had received more than 8,000 complaints over the phone against real estate agents in 2006, a substantial growth of over 30 per cent year-on-year.

The new site will deliver a compendium of all possible property scams and tricks in the property industry, with users being able to post new ones they come across with an interactive Scam Finder.

An online forum will also be provided where users can share their frustrations or problems when finding a home.

Finally, a how-to guide will give more general tips in what to look out for when buying or renting a property in the UK.



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