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Thu, 25 Oct 07

A land of legends, wilderness, old-world charm and an international image somewhat askew with reality, remarkable Romania is often misunderstood and overlooked...

But, now Propertymartoverseas.com, a world leading property portal, is championing its cause as an emerging property hotspot and tourist favourite of the not too-distant future.

Benefiting from EU membership, Romania’s economy and infrastructure is improving daily; improvements which add to, rather than detract from, Romania’s unique charm.

And, while Romania’s economy may have been in the doldrums during Ceausescu’s disastrous reign and the difficult transitional period the country experienced following his execution in 1989, the signs are extremely encouraging.

Economy starting to blossom

Bucharest, Romania’s Capital, is home to over 30,000 ex-pats, attracted by the city’s vibrancy and investment potential. Indeed, it is estimated that there is a shortfall of 200,000 properties in the city alone and, with over €11 billion invested in the country in 2006, the signs of an economy starting to blossom are there for all to see.

However, Romania’s appeal lies far beyond its capital. It boasts excellent skiing in Poiana Brasov, wonderful Black Sea resorts in Mamaia and Mangalia and countless medieval towns and villages which offer a wonderful insight into a way of life which is all but lost throughout the rest of Europe. 

Horse drawn carts patrol the roads, farmers tow their cattle through cobbled streets and many restaurants still draw up their menus in terms of weight, not price. Living costs are extremely low, although standards are higher than most might imagine.

Easy access

And getting there is increasingly easier, too. New low cost airlines flying into Bucharest include EasyJet and Wizzair, with return flights on offer from as little as £55. While the added traffic might mark the end of Romania’s vast swathes of wilderness, the additional interest pouring into the country will no doubt be of benefit.

With such a rapid pace of development sitting easily along a meandering pace of life, Romania is perfectly placed to offer the investor or the lifestyle buyer the perfect combination of affordability, profit, solid infrastructure, encouraging growth and low living costs.

Throw in the wild and wonderful scenery (not to mention wildlife!) and you have the perfect location for a prime property investment.

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