News: Residents hail DIY Streets decision

Thu, 13 Sep 07

Residents in Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield, Hackney and Islington will be dancing in the street following news that they have been selected to take part in a make-over project to improve their local area...

These five schemes are the first of 10 to be chosen for Sustrans' new DIY Streets project, which will help residents re-design their own streets affordably, putting people at their heart, and making them safer, more attractive places to live.

The first five streets provide an example of the kind of issues DIY Streets is trying to overcome, by working with residents, local authorities and other partners.

Anti-social parking

Penn Street in Manchester experiences anti-social parking and speeding traffic, Somerset Street in Cardiff suffers from speeding cars and small motorbikes, while Firshill Road and Passhouses Road in Sheffield are regularly used by traffic avoiding a signal-controlled junction.

Clapton Terrace in Hackney is used as short-cut off the A-road, and Islington's long, wide Monsell Road suffers from high speeds.

Sustrans has received a number of nominations for possible DIY Streets, but the remaining five are yet to be selected. The charity is encouraging communities, local councils and other stakeholders, such as housing associations, to put forward suggested candidates to make up the full 10 streets. To find out more call Mira Ruskin on 0117 915 0244 or email mira.ruskin@sustrans.org.uk

Going back to design roots

DIY Streets takes neighbourhood re-design back to its roots. The home zone idea was conceived over 30 years ago by a group of Dutch residents fed up with the excessive noise, danger and pollution from motor traffic in their street.

By rearranging it so cars slowed down, their street could be enjoyed once again by the people who lived there. DIY Streets goes back to that original concept of looking for simple, affordable and community-led solutions.

The need to find a cost-effective way of improving residential streets blighted by motor traffic was identified by the Sustrans when the difficulty in funding larger-scale home zones on existing streets became apparent. Each DIY Streets project is expected to cost in total well under £100,000, compared to costs in the region of £1 million for an equivalent sized complete home zone.

Further information about Sustrans, including other news releases and detailed online route mapping, is available through our website: www.sustrans.org.uk

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