News: Outrage over government incompetence on release of rental documents

Mon, 03 Jun 19

Agents have reacted angrily to the way in which the government released a new set of rental documents over the weekend.

Four documents were released at the very end of Friday afternoon’s working hours; these were How To Let, How To Rent, How To Rent A Safe Home, and Check If Someone Can Rent Your Residential Property.

The critical Form 6a, for issuing a S21 notice, was not released at midnight on Friday going into Saturday, to include reference to the Tenant Fees Act which took effect on June 1.

If agents and landlords do not issue the correct versions of the forms, any Section 21 notice can be invalidated.

Several agents took to social media to vent their anger at the timing of the documents being released, and the fact that no notice was given to the industry by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.  

One complaint on Twitter, typical of a number, was from the Harry Albert Group, which is a lettings agency based in Leicester. 

The company tweeted Estate Agent Today to say: “A new How To Rent Guide has been released with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government  failing to inform letting agents, landlords, landlord associations and tenants and other important stakeholders up and down the country. First update in nearly a year. Completely incompetent to not give any warning of update.”


This is not the first occasion MHCLG has been accused of messing up the delivery of key documents to agents and landlords; some previous releases have had incorrect version numbers and the same file names as earlier versions, making it difficult for the latest ones to be identified.

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