News: New Dubai tourism boom

Mon, 21 May 07

Investors would do well to consider buying property in Dubai after it was revealed that a new deal could bring millions of extra tourists to the region each year...

Following a conference on the need to promote travel in Dubai for people with special needs, the country’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) is set to open 20 check-in counters at the Dubai International Airport.

By helping to accommodate people with mental or physical difficulties, the countries tourism industry could bring in an extra 12 billion United Arab Emirates dirham (£1.6 billion) a year.

According to the Khaleej Times, Jamal Al Hai, chairman of the board of DCA, said: "We are trying our best to make the Dubai airport more user-friendly.

"We have coordinated with an international consultant so that we can effectively address the concerns of passengers with specific requirements."

Plans are also afoot for additional car parking areas to be built near the airport especially designed to allow easy access to and from the terminals for people with special needs.

The decision means good news for investors who have bought holiday homes in the area as the extra tourists will mean many more people will be looking for accommodation.

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